Tuesday, 17 March 2020 08:10

Cancellation of the 2020 Finn World Masters

Dear Finn friends,

As President of the FWM2020 Committee I am really sorry to announce that due to the situation with the coronavirus we have had to cancel the 2020 Finn World Masters in Holland.

Our Prime Minister explained in a speech on Monday that the coronavirus situation for Holland will stay critical for the coming months.

Together with the uncertain situation in the rest of Europe, but also outside Europe for our Finn friends in AUS, BRA, NZL, RSA and USA, we hope that taking the decision to cancel now will reduce to a minimum the costs for those Finn sailors already entered.

Those sailors who have already entered and paid will receive their entry fee back minus a small reduction for costs that have already been made plus the yearly fee paid to the International Masters Committee.

Those Finn sailors who did not pay their entry fee yet for our FWM2020, will receive an invoice for an administration fee, according to rules of the Master Worlds.

Our treasurer will give an overview on this, together with the repayment. If there are any questions left please do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As a committee we had a great year and a half together in planning this event with each other. I wish to thank “my guys” for joining: Jan van der Horst / treasurer, Hans Zuurendonk / secretary, Ewout Meier / FWM2020 site, Henk de Jager, Jelte Baerends, Wietze Zetzema, Tobias Kirschbaum, Jacqueline Zuurendonk, Trees Zetzema and Chris Frijdal for their ideas and critics.

My special thanks to Robert Deaves and Andy Denison for the support they gave to our event and give to the Masters community.

Last but not least we want to send a big thank you to the management of Marina Port Zélande, Peter de Regt and Co Schot for the enormous hospitality that was offered for our FWM2020

Finn friends, sail safe, stay healthy!

Best regards,
See you on the water,
Jan Zetzema
President Committee FWM2020

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