About the magazine

The Finn Masters Magazine and Yearbook is published once each year, normally in January or February.

It includes:

• Event reports from the previous year
• Calendar for the coming year
• Venue reports for upcoming events and brief reports for future bids
• Our championship rules and guidelines
• Minutes from the previous year's Annual Masters Meeting
• A range of interviews with sailors and articles about technique

The magazine is funded by advertising, so we welcome as many advertisers as possible, which don't have to be Finn related. More here.

Each issue is sent to all Finn Masters that have attended a Finn World Masters in the previous three years or have subscribed here.

You can also read back issues at the Finn class page on Issuu.com or download them from the links below.

Magazine downloads

Filename Size Date
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2018.pdf 6.61 MB 2018-03-28
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2017.pdf 6.54 MB 2017-02-17
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2016.pdf 5.43 MB 2016-12-20
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2015.pdf 7.88 MB 2016-12-20
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn_Masters_Magazine_2014.pdf 6.02 MB 2016-12-20
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn-Masters-Magazine-2020.pdf 4.94 MB 2020-02-27
An Adobe Acrobat file Finn-Masters-Magazine-2019.pdf 6.05 MB 2019-05-31

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