Tuesday, 18 June 2019 09:07

Photos from 2019 Finn World Masters

Many sailors in Skovshoved asked how to get hold of the high resolution photos of the event.

They are now all available online to purchase as downloads or prints.

In all there are 755 photos from the week. We tried to cover as many sailors as possible, so hopefully you will find something of yourself.

About 95% of images are tagged with sail number and name, so try seacrching with those first, or just look through each gallery.

Please go to: https://robertdeaves.smugmug.com/Finn-Class/2019-Finn-World-Masters

where you will see galleries for each day. Use the SEARCH button to search for sail number or name.

If you click on the little 'i' underneath each photo, you will see photo data such as the size of the image.

Images at 2500 pixels wide will print A4 at 300dpi

Images around 5000 pixels wide will print A3 at 300dpi

Some images are cropped but all should be over 3000 pixels wide


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