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Kavala Entry Payment

pay now 50pxPayments for Kavala are now being accepted. The cost of entry for the 2015 Finn World Masters Championships at Kavala, Greece is €155 (plus expenses). If you wish to book a camper, please pay an additional €100 (plus expenses). The 155 includes the fee for the Masterfund

register 40px Sailors must pre-register prior to paying.

Entries and payments received less than four weeks before the first race, will be charged 50% more. Entries AND PAYMENTS received after arrival will be charged double the entry fee. No shows without ONE WEEK'S​ (or three days?) notification will be expected to pay ​THE FULL ENTRY FEE before any entry will be accepted in future years.

Full details regarding payments can be viewed in section 8 of the Finn World Masters Championship Rules 
pdfRead Finn World Masters Championship Rules

IMPORTANT.Once payment has been made please confirm the amount you have paid by contacting the organisers using this form.
Please include your first and last name and the email address you used when you pre-registered and the transaction reference (if possible, please attach a copy of the payment receipt).

The cost of entry for the Finn World Masters Championships at Kavala, Greece is €155 (plus expenses). The 155 includes the fee for the Masterfund
If you wish to book a camper, please pay an additional €100 (plus expenses)

Payment Options

You may pay by Bank Transfer either by transferring your money directly from your bank, or using Paypal 

IMPORTANT Please cross-check for any hidden fees and inform the organiser. If you use Transfer Wise please use the checkbox "The recipient needs a specific ammount of Euro", or you can inform your bank to charge you with the expenses. Nevertheless, if we receive less than the official entry fee you will pay the difference on your registration in Greece using cash.

Direct payment by Bank Transfer

IBAN: GR5901722450005245019681425
Account Holder Name: Nautical Club of Kavala (NAYTIKOS OMILOS KAVALAS)


Payment using PAYPAL

The fees in Paypal includes the MasterFund Fee, Paypal's transaction Fee and Domestic's Bank Fee (for outboard transactions). We believe that this is the most economic way to pay the registration fee. You can find 2 payment options. One for the Masters Fee and one other for both Masters Fee and a fee for camper site.

Kavala Finn Masters 2015 Registration Fee


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