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Minutes of the 2019 Annual Masters Meeting

12 June 2019

Held at Skovshoved Havn, Denmark. Meeting opened at 10.06am

President: Andy Denison
Secretary: Robert Deaves
Committee: Philip Baum, Marc Allain des Beauvais, Rolf Elsässer, Henk de Jager
Around 150 sailors were present.

The President welcomed the Finn Masters then announced the sad news that Juri Saraskin had passed away on Monday. The meeting stood and held a 1-minute silence in respect.

1. Apologies
None received.

2. Approval of the 2018 Minutes
Last years minutes approved by the meeting.
No matters arising.

3. Bid presentations for 2021
Bid presentations were made to host the 2021 Finn World Masters from the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Pattaya, Thailand, and Puntala, Italy. Three bids were received for the 2021 Finn Masters Europeans: Biscarosse, France, Motril in Spain and Tihany, on Lake Balaton, Hungary

Members present moved to an area to cast their votes in ballot boxes, over seen by Chairman of the jury

4. President’s report
Last year President visited Port Zelande to compile the report for the magazine and website. The President also attended the first Finn Masters Europeans in Split to be part of the opening ceremony and generally oversee the organisation to be to the Master’s satisfaction. He thanked the club for their hospitality. Money was used from the event to buy new trophies for each of the age categories.

Over the winter the President sat down with Ray New, Steve Hayles and Richard Phillips to look at the random selection process. He thanked Ray New for attending the Masters for a few days to oversee the registration and set up the random selection of the fleets.

The President announced that it was being discussed that the 2020 Gold Cup in Palma could be an open event to attract as many sailors as possible, including Finn Masters. He asked for a show of hands of those that may be interested in attending and received a positive response.

The President talked about the new voting process and how it was more accurate for choosing a venue. In the past it was felt that the old system of a ‘show of hands’ was open to abuse.

The President said that two new trophies had be obtained for the Nations Cup and the best sailing club, and he thanked Richard Phillips for instigating and seeing through the scoring process of these two new categories.

Thanks were also given to Jan Kingma and Liz Burrell and he hoped that they both would continue with their efforts.

5. Announcement of the winning bids
The 2021 Finn World Masters was awarded to Puntala, Italy. [Votes: Italy -126 ; Thailand - 5]

The 2021 Finn European Masters was awarded to Tihany, Hungary. [Hungary - 65; Spain - 48; France 15]

6. Election of officers
Henk de Jager agreed to another term of four years. The President said he was happy to continue should the masters be happy.

7. Accounts
The report showed a balance of around EUR 13,000. The main expenditure over the past year was EUR 4500 on medals for the next five years and new trophies. Copies of the accounts were available at the meeting.

8. Magazine and website
Masters present were happy with the website and magazine.

9. Address from IFA
Tim Carver, from the Executive Committee of the International Finn Association, spoke to the meeting on plans to attempt to ‘rebalance the slate’ of Olympic events, with several proposals to bring the Finn back to the Olympic programme. These will be elaborated on in the coming weeks. He reiterated that work continues to reinstate the Finn, working constructively with World Sailing.

10. Address from President of Honour
The meeting then heard briefly from Gerardo Seeliger, who spoke about his intention to stand for the job of President of World Sailing in 2020.

11. Finn World Masters 2020
Jan Zetzema gave an update on the organisation for Holland 2020 World championship at Port Zelande, The Netherlands.

12. Any other business
No matters presented.

The President closed the meeting at 11.17am

The date of the next meeting is 31st May 10am at Port Zelande.


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