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Minutes of the 2018 Annual Masters Meeting

Finn World Masters Annual General Meeting - Minutes
24th May 2018, 1000
CN El Balis Yacht Club

1. Apologies
Marc Allain Des Beauvais

2. Approval of 2017 Minutes
Minutes approved by the meeting, proposed by Gus Miller seconded by Bob Buchanan.

3. President’s Report
The Finn World Masters is becoming a large organisation with the trend only going upwards
100 new sailors at this event
New brand the `Finn Masters`, although we are the Finn Wold Masters, its is easier to adopt this brand as well to use when we want.
Important we consider taking the event to the Southern Hemisphere to recognise the support for the class from that part of the world.
However, this would revolve around a sponsored shipping offer.
Barbados was a good event to learn how shipping the boats worked and gave those involved experience in this.
The 2020 event will be hosted in Holland to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the championship.
`Finn European Masters` now adopted as parts of the Finn Masters brand, and will be a success, both events will work well together.
Sadly, this past year we have lost two prominent Finn sailors Luksa Cicarelli and Viktor Potapov
Thanks from the President to Liz Burrell for her involvement in organising the companions programme for this event. Allan Burrell accepted a gift on her behalf.

4. Election of Officers
Rolf Elsässer and Philip Baum will continue in their roles for a further 4 years and were applauded by the meeting for their support of the Finn Masters and thanked by the president.

5. Masters Entry Fee
The president explained the history of the entry fee
A lot of venues cannot make the event pay with the requirement the masters fleet needs
Charles Heimler gave some context to the Finn Masters entry fee from his experience of other events around the world offered very good value for the sailor
There were no further questions raised on this matter.
Complaint though from the meeting with regards the companions fee for the recent evening meal, was countered by another person from the floor who felt it was good value.
Another suggestion from the floor was to drop the free drinks on offer, the majority of the meeting felt this would not be a good idea.
Question from the floor about the use of a sponsorship template, the president responded in that the Finn Masters have a template which they already use for any event.
Suggestion from the floor that Wilke, Devoti, North and WB sponsor the event, the president responded that they already support the Finn Masters magazine.
The committee however will take these comments on board for the 2019 event.

6. European Masters
Accepted bids from Split 2018 and Schwerin 2019
It was agreed that this meeting moving forward would agree venues for this event.

7. Medal Race
Proposal from the president that the medal race needs to be flexible within the rules depending on entry and venue.
The floor raised the question about consideration of a medal race for each age category
Agreement from the floor for the President’s proposal that the medal race needs to be a flexible option within the rules.

8. Accounts
Income £10900
Accounts are available to those that wish to look at them.
Accounts are now audited through the IFA, which the president felt was professional approach to adopt, the meeting agreed.

9. Magazine
The president thanks Robert Deaves for his involvement with the magazine; the meeting applauded Robert for his contribution.

10. Candidates for 2020
Holland, Port Zélande
Jan Zetzema from Finn Club Holland spoke about the event and the involvement of the junior members on the organising committee and the benefits this brings. Looking forward very much to welcoming the fleet in 2020.

11. Finn European Masters 2020
Poland, Gdynia
Only one candidate so the event will be held in Poland in 2020.
Bob Nowakowski from the Polish association explained to the meeting a little of what to expect and again looked forward to welcoming the fleet in 2020.

12. FWM 2019 – Denmark, Update
Update from Otto Strandvig about the event
Companion programme in place
Otto gave an update on the container shipping from Maersk
Camping available near venue or another campsite nearby.
Looking to have the Danish nationals as a warm up event for the World Masters
Documents on all the above and more will be published soon and available on the World Masters website.

13. Proposal Finn World Masters – Australia and Thailand
Jay Harrison was invited by the President to give an impression of what Sydney can offer in terms of hosting the World Masters
Albert Nazarov, representing The Royal Varuna Yacht Club, in Pattaya, Thailand also gave a brief indication on what the event would look like if it travelled to Thailand.
President was clear to the meeting this was not about voting for a venue for future years but to gauge interest so that both clubs from Thailand and Australia can prepare detailed bids for the event
The meeting agreed that both clubs should prepare detailed bids to be submitted accordingly.

14. AOB
• Proposal from the president to reduce the penalty fee for late entry to the event.
This was countered from the floor that early entry certainly of numbers is crucial to the organisation that goes into such an event,.
Therefore, the late entry fee will remain.

• Process for voting on future venues
Proposal from the president to consider a system of making it more accurate rather than a show of hands.
Options were discussed around the use of tokens etc
The meeting agreed to look into a suitable option.

• Gus Miller addressed the meeting and gave a passionate speech about saving the Finn as an Olympic Class.
The meeting applauded Gus’ passion for the boat and its sailors

• Philip Baum addressed the meeting giving an insight into his role as a `World Sailing Council Member` and the future of the Finn within the Olympics as well as the future of Sailing within the Olympics
Suggestion that we stop seeing the Finn as a heavyweight men’s event but rather a men’s single handed event
Urged the meeting to compete fairly in urging your countries to support the Finn
The meeting again applauded Philip for his clarity on the current situation.

• Henk de Jager asked the meeting to show their support for the helpers at the event by contributing to a collection.

• Corinne Mckenzie addressed the meeting about what the IFA are doing to support the Finn and how they are working together with World Sailing.
Urged the meeting to all support the Finn and support the youth that are sailing within it.
The meeting again applauded Corinne for her support of the class and the challenges that lay ahead.

The president closed the meeting at 11.05







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