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Minutes of 2016 Annual Masters Meeting

Minutes of Annual Masters Meeting
Held at Circolo Vela Torbole, Italy, 18 May 2016

Present: Andy Denison, Henk de Jager, Rold Elsässer, Marc Allain des Beauvais, Philip Baum

1. President’s opening remarks

2. Approval of 2015 Minutes, seconded by Will Patten

3. Presidents Report:

Increased Media traffic and the importance of social media activity were highlighted, Facebook in particular seen as a key demonstrator of the buoyant life of the Finn class. Maters encouraged to engage in sharing and liking Finn related posts.

A future problem of the very high numbers of participants in future European World Masters locations  was highlighted.

An Event Manual has been created with the aim of cutting duplication and maintaining standardisation for organisers of Future world masters events

A brief account was given of the visit to Barbados ahead of 2017 and mention made of the difficult choice between two very good options for 2018.

The President wanted particularly to thank the following for their help during the past year: The Committee,  (all named), Robert Deaves, Rory Barnes, Ray New, Jan Kingma, Garry Sibbald, Susan and Richard for the survey

4. Committee/Re-elections

No one leaving or due to leave this year, though both Marc Allain dea Beauvais and Andy Denison are due to leave in 2017.

5. Amendments to rules: 

Proposed by Andy Denison, seconded by Miguel.

6. Rory Barnes, Tech Update/IFA

Certification of boats intended to ensure that a boat is certified when it leaves the factory and has a single identity over its entire life. Thus the ISAF number will provide full details of any boats history.

Discussion points:  Limitation of equipment, possibly limiting to 1 of everything including sails.

Weight of sail cloth, was mentioned as a discussion point as was the question of the supply of boast to the Olympics

7. Financial Report

The World Masters organisation is in good shape.  One step towards improving that position is the move to take control of payments for events in order to secure the Masters Fee.

8. Website/Magazine/Clothing

Updating the site is underway the format being changed along with hosting to improve the online experience.

The magazine is, thanks to Robert Deaves, in control and a good size. However, it was pointed out by Andy that if any can or is asked to contribute an article then they should.

Masters clothing is now available and will provide a commission income to the Masters

9. Candidates for 2018.

Balis: Miguel Angel Mateo gave an excellent presentation on the strengths of Balis, highlighting the location, the facilities, the weather, the ability to host over 400 boats on one site and “unlimited free beer for 1 day”.

Marsala:  Marco Buglielli highlighted the advantages of the location, the prevalent weather and the experience of the club in hosting similar events. He pointed out that 250 boats could be hosted at the club and that a nearby second club could accommodate the overspill.

The AGM then voted: 93 votes cast for Balis,  75 for Marsala.  Balis will be the venue for 2018

10. Information on Barbados presented by Ray New

Shipping organisation, each country to appoint a co-ordinator to communicate with Ray, who will then communicate with Geest.  Particular emphasis was placed on Geest only wanting one contact.

Expected numbers:  Pre entries 130.

Shipping due to start Mid April, with boats expected back mid to late July.

Additional Shipping costs were detailed, as were the logistics of getting boats to the departure points in Le Havre and Portsmouth.

11. Any other business

Ancient Mariners Cup,

Notices ref Race 6

Meeting concluded at 11.16am

Next meeting: 10am Wednesday June 11th  Barbados Yacht Club.

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